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The Promenade makes news! Read reviews, travel stories, events and happenings at the Promenade that have made their way to the press pages.

The Press Room features press releases, company information, best practices, trends, current happenings, guest comments, awards and accolades, media coverage and visual representations.

Chennai Diary


Lifestyle Plus takes a look at the best hotels in Pondicherry. Read More

Fun at the Promenade


Enjoy with your kids at the sunday funday kid's brunch at The Promenade. Read More

Jasmeen Dugal at Pondicherry


Fashion blogger Jasmeen Dugal delves into serene Pondicherry! Read More

Post card from Pondi


A meeting of minds and soul makes for a beautiful evening for VOGUE, Read More

Harper's Bazaar's seaside escape


Beyond its quaint French appeal lie Pondicherry's secret style hubs! Read More

Bay of Buddha Indulge

Bringing back flavours from her travels, jacqueline Kapur syas Pondicherry is ready for Bay of Buddha Read More

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