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Places to see:

1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram: The Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. A quiet place of meditation, full of wonderful vibes.
2. Promenade Beach: The popular stretch of beachfront along the Bay of Bengal. A nice place to enjoy the sunrise or take a evening stroll.
3. Manakula Vinayagar Temple: It is full of life and how could you miss Lakshmi, the friendly temple elephant.
4. Heritage Walk: Nothing can beat just rambling around the French Quarter, peeping into the old buildings.
5. Matrimandir: The meditation chamber and the surrounding gardens are a wonderful experience. But you will have to reserve your visit ahead of time.
6. Auroville: The best way to experience Auroville is to rent a motorbike and drive around the Green belt, visit the bakery, Tanto’s Pizzeria and drop into the craft ateliers.
7. Chunnambar Boat House-Paradise Beach: A little crowded and touristy, but the boat ride in the back waters to Paradise beach is still fun.
8. Oussudu Lake: The almost 800 acre lake is a sanctuary for birds and you can even go on a boat ride.
9. Sacred Heart of Jesus Basilica: The largest, most impressive of the French cathedrals in Pondicherry.
10. Eglise de Notre Dame des Agnes: While not the largest, it is the most atmospheric and located right in the middle of the French Quarter.
11. Auroville Beach: Right opposite the entrance to Auroville, it is only a ghost of the beautiful original beach, but is still worth a relaxed afternoon.

Places to Shop:

1. Le Pondichery: This shop is located in The Promenade hotel and has a great collection of local fashion, home accessories, wellness products and more
2. Hidesign’s Flagship: This is their flagship store, with their museum bags, their history and stories spread across 3 floors. Le Hidesign Café on the 4th floor is a great place to cool off, with free wifi, after shopping.
3. Casablanca: This is Pondicherry’s own multi-brand store. You can also find local designers, Golden Bridge Pottery, Holii bags and other Auroville and Pondicherry crafts.
4. Auroville Boutique: There is a small boutique with Auroville crafts in the city, but you are probably better off shopping at their store in the visitor’s centre in Auroville
5. Farm Fresh: Opposite the Auroville bakery, it stocks Auroville food like cheeses, chocolates, cookies, jams, mustards and lots more.

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